Hate It Or Love It Scarlett Johansson As A Brunette

Wowing Clearly photographers on the red carpet and many titles today, Im interested to know, which color do you prefer on Johansson?. Yesterday evening the first of the film He Just Not that into you Scarlett Johansson showed her new brunette locks.

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Paidcontent Org Broadband Content Bits Kutcher Slide Launch Katalysthq Yahoo Buzz

The original series debuted today through Slide FunSpace widget, that sa reality TV-style parody of the daily lives of employees at Katalyst, content development Kutcher studio co-founded with Jason Golderg. Cheetos has signed as the show sponsor.. The Katalyst Media / Slide collaboration Ashton Kutcher announced year-end our Digital Review finally has a name: KatalystHQ.

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Mr Sarkozy Presents Jk With French Honour While Carla Hosts Benefit

While Sarkozy was to congratulate JK, his wife was busy doing Carla Bruni-Sarkozy last minute preparations for its official event. The day after marking his first wedding anniversary, the First Lady hosted a glam gala dinner at the French capital historic stock exchange building, the Palais Brongniart..

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Feather In The Cap For Mad Hatter Juliette Lewis As She Starts To Make Movies Again

Obviously with a lot of fun again in his role, Lewi, 35, was in Los Angeles for the shooting Mark Ruffalo directional debut sympathy for Delicious. Shooting began last week.. L actress - whose last film was released in 2006 - was seen wearing a pair of denim hot pants and a multi-dimensional Trilby hat with a red feather, while earlier in the week wore a revealing gold sequinned dress black and socks.

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Patrick Swayze Down To The Wire Swayze Stops Medical Treatment For Cancer

He was released January 16 after a week of treatment, reports Insider.com. Cancer stricken Patrick Swayze reported stopped after all the medical doctors told him it was very little they could do to stop the growth of his illness. He recently checked himself into hospital after coming down with pneumonia. The star of Ghost was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 12 months ago.

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